Insulation Centre

Wogan Build Centre distributes a large range of wall, roof, air tightness, acoustics insulation and fire proofing products to builders, Self Builds and DIYers.  We have built an exceptional reputation based on the reliability of our service and the extensive variety of our product range.  This is why our customers repeatedly return to us for all their insulation requirements.

Thanks to our finely tuned warehouse and supplier network delivery link system, we can offer you a highly responsive and reliable delivery service of all leading insulation brands in the quantity you want when you need it.


Kingspan TF70

Kingspam Kooltherm K3

Airpacks Polystyrene

Actis Trio-Sols


Kingspan TW50

Kingspan Kooltherm K8

Kingspan Thermabate

Knauf Ecose

Airpacks Polystyrene

Dry Lining

Kingspan Thermawall TW56

Kingspan Thermawall TW52

Kingspan Kooltherm K18

Kingspan Kooltherm k17

Airpacks Polystyrene

Proctor Spacetherm


Superglass Multi-Roll 44

Kingspan Thermoroof

Kingspan TP10

Kingspan K7

Actis Multi-foil

Moy G3 Touch

Moy Isover Metac Rafter Roll


Air Tightness

Intello Plus Airtight Membrane

Dafa DiFoil

Vario Airtight Intelligence


Superglass Multi-Roll 44

Moy Isover Calibel Board

Moy Isover Optima Range

Moy Isover Acoustic Roll

Thermolan Roctherm


Fire Proofing

Lamatherm Cavity Barrier

Termolan Rocterm

PyroBatt Fireboard


Supertherm 7


Moy G3 Touch

KORE Pipe Insulation

KORE Lagging Jackets




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