Heat Recovery Systems

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems work by maximising up to 30% of the heat in the air normally lost through fresh air vents in the home.

The system works by extracting warm air from  rooms in the house such as bathrooms and kitchen (where there is excess heat created) and filtering (taking out moisture and odours) through grilles and ductwork; it is then passed through a heat exchanger which transfers some of its heat to the colder incoming fresh air and blown into rooms that require heat. This system removes the need for fresh air vents (vents are needed in every room by law if you dont have heat recovery system), thus increasing the performance of your insulation.

By recovering this heat you reduce the load on your heating system and therefore also reduce heating costs. You also have the advantage of supplying filtered air which reduces dust and pollen – this can be of immense benefit to people with allergies.

In order to maximise the benifits of your heat recovery system, we recommend you achieve airtightness in your, this involves using membranes and specfic tapes to nulify heat loss to any fissures or air gaps in your home.


Energy & Cost Efficiency – Save 30% on your heating costs with Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV). Our system recycles the heat normally lost from the house resulting in lower energy requirements.

Increases the effectivness of insulation

As building insulation continually improves with new buildings a source of ventilation is vital as these new building are less ventilated and require a source of fresh air. EcoLiving HRV solutions provide an optimal source of fresh air and climate control for the interiors of the building.

Air Filtering for Allergies – Particles in the air carry air pollutants, some which can cause allergic reactions when inhaled.

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