Solar Panels

What are Solar Panels?

Solar energy is not a new development in Ireland as it has been used for many years, however solar panels are continually  becoming more and more advanced in terms of energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Solar energy is the most commonly used renewable energy ,

In Irish homes and has multiple benefits, some of which include:

There are two types of panels used for domestic dwellings,  flat panels and tubes.  See the weblinks at the bottom of this page to learn about differences.

What are the Benefits?

  • Solar energy is free.
  • You can save up to 70% on energy bills in Ireland.
  • Payback periods can be as little as 5 years with significant savings to be made over time. Solar panel energy creation is unobtrusive as the panels are typically located on a building’s rooftop.
  • Solar Energy is Sustainable and Renewable meaning that we will never run out of it – it is a natural source of power which will generate energy to heat water.
  • Solar panels are a silent producer of energy; absolutely no noise is made from solar panels as they convert the sun’s rays into usable energy.
  • Solar panels produce zero emissions and have no adverse affects on the environment.
  • Grants are available to Irish residents from to offset the initial outlay. Grants are subject to certain criteria and you must apply to the SEAI to see if they are eligible.


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