Heating & Plumbing System Controls

Heating and Plumbing Control SystemsThe right heating controls will let you keep your home at a comfortable temperature without wasting fuel or heat – so you’ll reduce your carbon dioxide emissions and spend less on heating bills.

In most homes, heating accounts for a large part of the energy bill. Despite this, most homes waste a tremendous amount of heat through inefficient use. Efficiency can be significantly improved by heating only when occupants are present and by heating to the exact desired temperature. Home automation and zoning can do this for you automatically. You can set different desired temperatures in each room or you can automatically turn ON/OFF the heating to each zone . The energy savings in the average home over just a few years will often pay for the entire home automation system.

Weather its automatic bypass valves, room or cyclinder thermostats,  full programmers, timeswitches, thermostatic radiator valves or systemlink and system zone pacakges  Wogans have the right advice and solution for you

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