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Project Management plays a huge part of a Self Build project. Knowing how to properly manage your project will be crucial to its overall success. In this part of the web site, we will give an overview of all the stages involved in a project . These steps cover almost everything that takes place during a Self Build.

We also provide a project forecaster and budget planner template for you to use to calculate the estimated cost of your build and ensure the timeframe schedule of your build is kept on track. It is also useful as a management tool as you can organise and plan for getting different trades on site at the appropriate time.

Starting a self build can be a daunting task. At Wogans we understand the importance of making your dream into a reality. Whether you have a trade background or are a novice developer, Wogans can give you the self build advice you need, product by product, to ensure you get the level of finish you are looking for.

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