Why Your Bathroom Is The Most Important Room In The Home

When it comes to deciding which room in the home is the most important, many people will argue that they spend the greatest amount of time in the bedroom, living room or perhaps even the kitchen, making those the more important spaces in a home. However, one room is far more essential and practical. In fact, without it, the home simply would not be acceptable in live in. That room is the bathroom.

Key Bathroom Planning Tips

Feeling overwhelmed trying to plan a bathroom layout that is attractive and affordable? There are several key points which may make the difference between loving and hating your new bathroom.

Size and Function

It can be amazing how a well designed small bathroom can feel roomier than a poorly designed large one. The first step to bathroom planning is knowing the exact size of the room, how many people will be using it, and what the necessary functions of that bathroom will be. When you take room measurements, make a list of features you want and features that are essential.

Check the Layout

The next step is planning a layout. Whenever possible, use a to-scale layout on paper first. This allows you to try specific arrangements and floor plans before actually installing anything; many times, the biggest mistake people make in bathroom planning is roughly estimating the sizes of appliances and space available.

The Big Picture - Budget

The budget is the big picture here. While it’s very easy to add last minute accents and touches, if you start with an absolute budget ceiling and work within those boundaries, you’ll not only stay more organised, you’ll also be less likely to spend more than you have.

Bathroom Style

Take into consideration the style and features of the entire house. Make sure the bathroom’s features complement the decors inside the house. The difference between modern bathrooms and traditional bathrooms lay predominantly in the sinks and the showers. The basic layout of the bathroom hasn’t changed overly much since the Edwardian era, save these two water delivery systems. Will it be ultra modern sleek & minamilist  or Traditional elegence??

How to Choose Your Bathroom Sanitary Ware

Whether you are purchasing bathroom sanitary ware for a new home or upgrading your existing equipment, there are some important considerations to take into mind while you are making your choices.


Simple yet good choices in sanitary ware and bathroom peripherals can make a huge aesthetic difference in your bathroom and reflect positively on your home. Consider matching color, style and size when you are putting your bathroom together or making any additions to achieve an overall beautiful effect.


Although an item may look nice, be sure to consider whether it fits your particular needs. Will the children be able to operate your new fancy faucet or taps? Will that heavy toilet seat irritate resident grandpa?


There are increasingly more options that take issues like the environment and your water and energy bills in mind. Although they may start out as a more expensive option, they can end up saving you hundreds in the long run and help save our planet. In addition, It is important to take the efficiency of the toilet or sanitary ware you are looking to buy into consideration. For example, how strong is the water flow strength from the tap and what is the flush rating of the toilet? In addition, you want to buy something that is easy to keep clean and which is not high-maintenance or require a pricey range of products for daily care.

Price & Budget

There is a wide variety of toilet and sanitary ware brands in many different styles that will ultimately affect the cost of your items. Although you might expect high quality products to affect the cost, this might not always be the case. It is a good idea to set a budget for your items and spend time reviewing the suppliers selection. Whichever way you decide to go, it is also a good idea to spend time researching the brand and style you are looking into by asking around or asking your plumber. Even though an item might be offered for a tremendous price, you don’t want to purchase something that will break down on you quickly and need extensive repairs or replacement in the long run thus costing you more time and money.

Research -Talk to your plumber

With the increase in choice, it is sometimes hard to know what to buy. To find the best quality for the best value, it is important to do some research. There are many websites, articles and consumer magazines which rate products and share buyer experiences. An item might seem like a great deal, but you could soon find out through your research many customers had to re-buy a product because of its lack of durability. In real terms it is often best to listen to your plumber which brands have best durability, better quality finishes and most important of all can spare parts be ordered with ease.



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