Stove Buying Guide

Why are stoves so popular? There are four main reasons:

1. They’re very energy efficient

Everyone likes an open fire, but the efficiency of burning logs in a grate is very low. An open fire has to suck a lot of the (warm) air out of the room, and it is replaced by cold air from outside.

An open fire is estimated to be only about 20-25 per cent efficient, but it can be much lower, even falling into negative efficiency, potentially making your room colder than before you started!

But a modern wood-burning  stove can run at over 80 per cent efficiency. So if you put your logs in a stove instead of on a fire you will benefit from at least three times the amount of heat.

In addition, you may be able to use the top of the stove to boil a kettle or make toast, and some models even have ovens built in, so you can bake a cake while you’re warming your home.

3. They’re carbon neutral

Wood is the original carbon-neutral fuel. True, it releases carbon dioxide when it’s burnt, but the amount given off is the same as was stored by the tree when it was growing.

And, if the tree were left to rot in the woods it would produce the same amount of carbon emissions as are released by burning it.

Most firewood in this country comes from sustainable sources, so for every tree cut down another is planted, and the carbon released from the felled tree will be absorbed by another tree.

And, with the aid of new technology, a wood-burning stove can be even greener.

With the cleanburn or cleanheat system the gases created when the wood is burnt are circulated

3. They're Clean

Both in terms of smoke and the amount of ash produced for the owner to clean up, modern wood burners are very impressive.

Even in daily use the stove should not need cleaning out more than every few weeks. In fact, a bed of ashes helps the wood to burn.

And if the stove has self-cleaning airwash glass a clear view of flickering flames is guaranteed.

As for the emissions, many stoves are now clean enough to be legally used in urban smoke-free zones.

4. They can contribute to heat to the house heating system

Combing heating systems is another advantage of having a stove with a back boiler  in your home. If you already have a gas or oil fired central heating system, you can cut your costs by having a dual heating system. That is having your current central heating system run in conjunction with a boiler model stove. When the stove is lighting it will heat your radiators and water so there is no need to have your oil or gas heating system on at the same time.

A stove with a BTU output of ????similar to a blacksmith ????? is most common for this purpose.  It can heat up to 9 standard radiators and burns coal, wood, peat briquettes and other solid fuels.

5. Airtighness

Another benefit of stoves is that the flueing will seal the chimney, making your room warmer even when the stove isn’t lighting. With open fire chimney systems often accounting for heat loss of up to ????. a Stove with a sealed flue system can eliminate this heat draw/loss situation.

6. They look great

There are many manufacturers, both here and abroad producing the comforting traditional-style wood burners that look fantastic in period properties.

But if you fancy something a little more adventurous, the ultra modern freestanding stoves with big glass windows certainly make a statement.

In traditional black iron, shining steel, or even a white ceramic finish, there is something to suit every décor.


What do you burn?

It depends on your stove. You can have a wood only, a multi-fuel, or a pellet stove, which burns small pieces of compressed sawdust that are automatically fed into the fire.

Most people use logs, but they should be dried under cover for a year to reduce the moisture content.

Your Fuel doesn’t have to cost you a fortune Find waste timber from many sources; unwanted pallets from retail stores, timber from renovations and sites etc . However you must be careful with wood that has been treated for outdoor use, such as fence posts, decking etc.

Things to consider when buying your stove:

Just like the majority of things, it is important to have knowledge of the appropriate size of multi fuel stoves before buying in order not to waste time and money. In the event you buy a smaller-sized than what your room size requires it will definitely not be able to generate the sufficient heat that you desire and it will fall short of what you expected it to be. And in case you get a size that could be a lot more than what is required then not only it will burn more money for the fuel, it will at the same time waste a lot of cash mainly because a larger stove is obviously higher in price.

Right before choosing the size of multi fuel stove, it might be a good idea to take a look at the area where you intended to place the heating system. Examine how large the entire place that is to be heated up along with all the rooms in case it will be utilized as a central heating unit. Verify how insulated the rooms are from the outside by checking the windows, doorways and all of other open spaces. All open crevices needs to be patch up as this will probably leak some heat to the outside and that can be a waste of heat energy.

Don't fail to remember to have a look at how high the ceiling is, because that is clearly important if you need to maintain the heat for a longer periods of time using multifuel stove as hot air normally stays on a higher ground for most of the time. This is common because hot air weigh significantly less as compared with colder air

Check that your stove has a certified (HETAS) efficiency rating. Only certified stove efficiencies can be used in BER calculations. Stoves that are not certified have and a default efficiency of 60% when a BER calculation is being conducted.

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