U Value Calculator

A fast, free service for Wogan customers

Given the ever increasing building regulation around passive house design and the changing insulation products and associated costs we understand that it is hard to constantly stay ahead of the curve when it comes to pricing, product selection and fitting. We are hear to help. No matter what the size of the project we can arrange on site consulation visits that will help you understand the various insulation options that you may have and their associated costs, thus helping you stay on budget and completion date.

Wogans offers its customers a free U Value Calculation Service.

  • Customers can send us the details of their project and we will calculate the U Value  of the various parts of your build, free of charge.
  • Alternatively, if you have a target U Value, we can tell you the various products and what thickness are required to meet your target figure.

Click here for U-Value Calculator

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